Olga Sumskaya struck face without makeup

A new publication by Olga Sumy in social media caused a heated discussion among fans. Favorite Ukrainian viewers showed their real face. 53-year-old actress demonstrated how her skin looks without makeup and photoshop.

Ольга Сумская поразила лицом без макияжа

Typically, the artist makes the natural make-up that will hide age-related changes. Olga almost always focuses on the eyes, choosing a black ink and nudewww shadow palette. Lipstick star also prefers natural shades, just a couple of shades different from her natural lip color.

Your photo without makeup Olga Sumy published today, September 15. So it looks like the actress on Sunday morning, after a busy week of filming.

Note to maintain your skin in perfect condition in Sumy help homemade mask recipes which she often shares with followers. Professional beauty treatments actress does not often, but with enviable regularity. So, she wrote in her Instagram account that visits a plastic surgeon. However, the effect of interference is almost unnoticeable.

Subscribers always in awe of the natural photos of Olga Sumskaya. Even without makeup, she looks fresh and young.

“A foul on olczyk beauty”, “Incredible beauty”, “Beauty, salute You”, “Olga, You are awesome without makeup. Ukrainian beauty”, “You are a very beautiful woman,” discussing her selfie users.