Olivia Wilde came to the ceremony in a luxurious dress, but without underwear

35-year-old Olivia Wilde was another guest of the ceremony SAG-AFTRA 2019, chose an extravagant way for the track.

Оливия Уайлд пришла на церемонию в роскошном платье, но без белья

The actress made a bid for the white color dresses. Her outfit was translucent top and sleeves, it was clear that Olivia wasn’t wearing a dress underwear.

On the sleeves and the hem was a beautiful floral applique. And the waist was emphasized by a thin lace-up closure with tassels. The outfit is beautiful, but the makeup that made Wilde was not the most successful. Sudovye shades made her look pale, nothing stands out, I wanted to see at least a bright lipstick on. Really?