Olya Polyakova admitted, why not sleep with her husband in the same room

The most famous Ukrainian blonde Olya Polyakova, who recently celebrated the anniversary, openly talked about family life. According to the singer, she and her husband sleep in separate rooms because it’s “useful and normal.”

Оля Полякова призналась, почему не спит с мужем в одной комнате

The reason Olya Polyakova sleeping one, the artist calls his too light sleep. “I sleep very badly, sleep badly, Wake up a little rustle. And he (the husband – approx. Ed.) may sapropel,” says Polyakov in an interview with Katya Osadchaya.

Singer also believes that the couple came up to sleep together due to lack of space in the home.

“And anyway, I believe that it is only when there was a housing problem, so people have come up to sleep in the same bed. And before that, when people had a normal house, it has always been a woman’s bedroom of the Queen, and the king was the men’s bedroom. They had secret passages and they were to each other, pleased and went to sleep. This is a normal Royal habit,” says Polyakov.