Olya Polyakova showed his unusual training

Olya Polyakova never ceases to delight thousands of fans with their activity. Ukrainian “Queen of the night” manages everything: in Italy held a culinary master classes, and concerts are being prepared, and on time finds.

Оля Полякова показала свою необычную тренировку

Ukrainian singer actively takes care of himself and is constantly training. Note that summer Polyakova very often showed to the fans motivational video, recording your workouts with a personal trainer in the fresh air. But even in Kiev, the cool autumn, the singer does not stop.

So, Polyakov shared a video that made her the personal trainer Sergei Sheremet. Recorded on video fragment of training Polyakova outdoors. By the way, the singer often trains on the territory of the Dynamo stadium in the center of Kiev, GD is her apartment.

At this time, the exercise turned out to be spicy. Polyakov was accompanied by exercises “seductive” comments.

“If you exhale with satisfaction, the men around want you to meet,” says Polyakova, accompanying his words no less than “eloquent” sighs. The corresponding video was published on youtube channel “Glam Wish”.