Olya Polyakova showed what “Souvenirs” luck from Italy

Olya Polyakova continues to brag about the highlights of your stay in Italy, namely on the island of Sardinia. However, Ukrainian singer already announced to fans that returned to Ukraine. And almost immediately started rehearsals and preparations for the concert in Minsk (November 20). However, news from Italy still pursued the singer and her followers.

Оля Полякова показала, какие «сувениры» везет из Италии

So, Polyakova decided to show off their unusual Souvenirs. The singer recorded a video which showed in detail and said that he will bring a memory of a new trip. As it turned out, Polyakova decided to stock up on tasty gifts. In fact, all of her “Souvenirs” is a variety of delicacies from tuna and nuts to the cheese and sausage in pistachio.

She Polyakova funny comments purchases:

“I’m the one taking home… the impression that we are besieged Kiev. But nevertheless, my mom brought home to eat,” laughs Olga.

Olya Polyakova showed the “siege set” from Italy

In this case, before departure from Italy Polyakov also showed a heavy lunch, which I spent in the company of his daughter Masha Polyakova. The singer admires how well everything was delicious.