Olya Polyakova told, what he dreamed of in childhood

Singer Olya Polyakova admitted as dreamed in his childhood of becoming a ballerina. Mother of the singer even wanted to record it in a circle. But it did not work. Polyakov told journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine”, what was your childhood dream and why this dream never became a reality.

Оля Полякова рассказала, о чем мечтала в детстве

It turned out, the Queen of the Ukrainian scene once wanted to connect his life with ballet. Future star is quite serious about his dream, but an obstacle has become a big growth. Then the singer could not have imagined that incredible legs, which are now attracted millions of music lovers, become an obstacle to the ballet class.

“As a child I really wanted to do ballet. I made his shoes out of papier mache and danced in front of a mirror wardrobe. And in 7 years I came with my mother to took me to the ballet. They looked at mom, looked at me and said, “Such high of the dancers does not happen, go home girl,” — says Polyakov.

Therefore, despite the fact that the star with the ballet did not work, when Olga goes to enjoy the action on the stage, after all, understands what’s behind it.

“It is very hard work, and I respect that!” – says the singer.