Olya Polyakova went to the producers


The actress took to produce the Comedy “Stars in exchange”.

Оля Полякова подалась в продюсеры

Singer Olya Polyakova after the policy was submitted to the producers.

So, the first project of the production debut of the singer became the winner of the 11-th competition of projects of the state in the category of “feature of national films to a wider audience” and will receive additional financial support from the state.

Comedy “Stars exchange” will be released on the wide screen in 2020 and will be presented Polyakova together with the Ukrainian company, the winner of numerous international awards, KINOROB. The Director of the film will be Alex Deruga.

“Recently the state has allocated additional financial assistance to the projects. And it gives me great pleasure and inspiration I want to announce that the film project, in which I play the lead female role and for the first time will act as producer, has received additional state financial support. Together with the company KINOROB we are launching the most anticipated Comedy of the year 2020. And, of course, she’s mad about … no, not love – hate. My partner is a mega popular artist. Who is it? Suggest you write in the comments under my post in Instagram”, — has intrigued Olya Polyakova.

Despite the fact that the future film’s plot has not been disclosed, the script and the idea of the film has received high evaluation Commission during a special pitching, which was presented to the project.

We will remind, acting debut Polyakova was held in January 2018 as part of the first sex Comedy “Swingers”, at the end of the hire which became the #1 grossing Comedy in the Ukrainian language and Ukraine’s first sequel to “Swingers-2”, which became the highest grossing film of the Ukrainian 2019.

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