Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo got your slogan.

Олимпийские игры-2020 в Токио получили свой слоган.

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo got its official motto: “United by emotions” (Combined emotions), reported on the official website of the Games.

“Through sport, people can experience a variety of emotions. In 2020 competition in Tokyo will give an opportunity to feel the courage and spirit of competition. The power of sport to with emotion to unite people,” – said in a statement the organizers.

Earlier official robotic mascots of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics received names – “Muratova”, which translated from Japanese means “the future” (Mirai) and “eternity” (Tova) as well as “Comati” – derived from the name of a species of cherry, which is consistent with the English “so mighty” – “so powerful”.

It was reported that Olympics in Tokyo must go through on schedule, despite the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

The Olympics will begin on July 24 in Japan and will last until 9 August.