On 55-m to year of life after long illness died Oleg Molchan of “Pesnyary”

A famous pianist, producer and songwriter Oleg Molchan, long time working in the group “Pesnyary”, died because of a long illness. The famous musician at the time of death was 54 years.

На 55-м году жизни после продолжительной болезни умер Олег Молчан из «Песняров»

Oleg Molchan died on Saturday, October 26, in Switzerland. The message about the death of a famous Belarusian artist appeared on the website of the Ministry of culture of Belarus. The cause of death of 54-year-old musician has become a serious disease. No details about the illness, the Agency did not disclose. It is reported that parting with the composer will take place next week in the great hall of Belarusian state Philharmonic society. The date of funeral will be announced later.

Oleg Molchan joined the group “Pesnyary” in the early 90-ies of the last century. It is with this team is the reason of great success of the musician. For many years he was considered the de facto leader of the group, as was both pianist and composer, and arranger. Worked Oleg Molchan and with other groups, and individual performers. In addition, the musician led an active social life.