On a street in Ontario “like magic” any election posters (PHOTO)

На одной из улиц Онтарио «как по волшебству» возникли предвыборные плакаты  (ФОТО)

The mysterious billboards “magically” started appearing on the streets of London (Ontario), with an appeal to vote for different characters, including Harry Potter as a candidate from the party of Gryffindor.

Wes Kinghorn, in front of whose home this week, there were these posters, said on Twitter: “Suppose that they magically appear and disappear, and only our street!”

But the Boy-Who-lived, not the only one fighting for a place from the district of London North Centre. Despite the friendship, Potter, it seems, competes with a curious Hermione Granger, who stands from party of Dumbledore’s Army.

On Saturday Kinghorn tweeted photos of four election posters with the caption: “the Race is getting weird.”

District fairly represented by other characters in the books about Harry Potter, like Muggles and wizards. Also in the race involved a werewolf and a former Professor of the dark arts Remus Lupin, as well, and a mortal enemy of the Potter Lord Voldemort, who represents “the Death eaters, Ontario”(PSPO).

Some of the posters posted the messages based on quotes from the popular book series by JK Rowling. The slogan That-Anyone-Not-Call his authoritarian platform States: “there is No good and evil there is only power and those too weak to see it”.

Kinghorn told reporters that “the closer to the election in our policy, you may receive a lot of controversy, which is normal. It happens. So I think it’s kind of funny that someone decided to put signs like that may amuse people.”

Since the publication of the Saturday morning tweet Kinghorn gained dozens of likes and comments with references to the plot of “Harry Potter”.

“These signs are not “approved” … the Ministry of Magic is unlikely to be happy to know about them,” wrote Tom Cullen tweeted that Kinghorn said “(I) think I will visit Dolores Umbridge.”

Kinghorn, postdoc at the social history and future Professor of geography at Western University, said he was inspired by a fake election poster with the image of the main negative character of “Star wars” Darth Vader, who he saw a few years ago.

“I thought it was interesting, and I thought, “what if to take from some fictional universe some characters, and put in a conditions race?” he said in a telephone interview.

“A couple of kids in the neighborhood – huge fans of the “Harry Potter”, and our house is on the path of children going to school, so in the morning, the posters appear when the children go to lessons,” he explained.

He said he removes the posters in the afternoon and evenings to avoid being stolen.

Kinghorn, himself a big fan of books, said that election posters are made to order.

Although he and his wife, who acted as his proofreader, I want to remain impartial, he predicts that Hermione will eventually win “in a landslide”.