On a weekend in Toronto will be felt 33 degrees (PHOTO)

На выходных в Торонто будет ощущаться 33 градуса (ФОТО)

Put your sweater because it is comfortable warm evenings. Short return of summer is scheduled for this weekend. The temperature will reach 27C on Saturday and Sunday.

However, the meteorologist reported that be felt the weather would be so hot at 33 degrees. And the sun promised with the media.

On Sunday there is a small risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon, but overall it should be a beautiful weekend for spending time outside without jackets.

Enjoy the good weather while you can: the temperature is expected to be changeable throughout the autumn. And meteorologists warn that this winter will be harsher than usual.

Officially autumn begins next Monday, so enjoy the last weekend of summer and do everything that is planned for outdoor recreation. And do it in sandals, closed-toe shoes, you still have to wear the next 8 months and remember how much you don’t like snow and salt.