On Board Alaska Airlines passenger threatened to kill fellow passengers for refusing to accept Jesus black

Flight Alaska Airlines made an emergency landing in Seattle after passenger threatened to “kill everyone in the plane if you do not recognize that Jesus was black,” writes The Daily Mail.

На борту Alaska Airlines пассажир грозил убить попутчиков за отказ признать Иисуса чернокожим

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Saturday, July 11, a flight with Alaska Airlines made an emergency landing in Seattle, Washington, after a passenger threatened to kill everyone on Board.

Video footage of the incident shows a man in a mask on the face is moving through the cabin of flight 422 going to Chicago, shouting: “I’ll kill everyone in this plane, if you do not recognize that Jesus was black”.

When he passes by anxious passengers sitting in their seats, several times we hear the cries, “take this!” and “die in the name of Jesus!”

According to members of the Alaska Airlines flight took off around 23:15 from the airport Seattle-Tacoma and the incident began 20 minutes after takeoff.

“This man became very belligerent and physically aggressive during takeoff,” — said the representative of the airline.

Three passengers, including a law enforcement officer and the flight attendant helped to calm the man.

In the video, obtained by TV station NBC King 5 showed several men followed the suspect down the aisle, while everyone else strapped in during takeoff. One man then pushes a suspect, and he is joined by a second, which helps to calm the raged passenger. The flight attendant pulled his wrist with something like a zipper.

Hear the person detaining the suspect, shouting at him to stay on the floor, and the other assures the passengers that everything will be fine.

Then the flight attendants announced that the flight will land at the nearest airport. After crash landing, the man was removed from the flight by airport police in Seattle. According to reports, he did not resist and was sent to jail in king County.

He was not immediately charged with a crime, but he has announced the suspicion of harassment. His motivation is unclear.

During detention nobody has suffered. The flight was canceled and passengers were put on another plane to Chicago.



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