On Downsview Park Merchants Market is distributed to almost 300 turkeys (PHOTOS)

На Downsview Park Merchants Market раздали почти 300 индеек (ФОТО)

Sunday market Downsview Park Merchants Market was arranged the annual event are almost limitless generosity.

Not paying attention to the stalls with wood carvings, crafts and clothes, hundreds of people waited in line for free turkeys and five-pound bag of eggs, which are gratuitously distributed to local merchants.

Organizer Robert McBride involved in the event since its emergence 12 years ago.

“Most importantly, we hope everyone who needs the Turkey got a Turkey”, he said.

Local politicians were also happy to participate in helping to distribute bags of food. Toronto mayor John Tory, who is still recovering from surgery, and therefore wears a special derotation boot, more hours standing on his feet, shaking hands and handing out turkeys.

He told reporters CTV News Toronto, he sees that “the city still much in need.”

“We are trying to solve this problem by developing transport services, building affordable housing and undertaking various measures to combat poverty. But I also see and generosity. I see that Toronto residents support each other, and this is the essence of the city.”

Those who received free turkeys, was delighted with charity for Thanksgiving.

“I want to invite someone else,’ said Diana Reid, leaving from the market. – We counted on our family, my husband and our children. But now feel that we need to share this wealth.”

Nick Sicily has been on the market with his father and found it difficult to find words to Express my gratitude for the gift.

“It’s a wonderful place. Toronto – one of the best cities. And I don’t think anyone can compare to Toronto”.

About an hour after the start were handed out the last of the Turkey.

The organizers and volunteers were pleased with as well as received a Turkey, knowing that they are helping others to celebrate this holiday as it should be, what they would be deprived, or whether this action.