On Earth he found a place with record low temperatures

Scientists are at a loss: on the infrared orbital images NASA visible until that small blue spot in the center of Greenland, which is the area with record low temperatures.

На Земле обнаружили место с рекордно низкой температурой

Interestingly, the entire planet observed warming, whereas at this point – cold, the news of the world.

Climatologists have determined that the temperature in the spots is the lowest in the last thousand years. According to Michael Mann from Pennsylvania state University, such oddities are the result of the slowing North Atlantic current.

The velocity of flow is directly related to the salinity of the North Atlantic. Salt water is significantly denser than freshwater, it creates a pump that forces flow of the Gulf stream. Thanks to this current climate in Europe is much warmer than it should be.

Climatologists believe that the blue blur will only grow. The rate of cooling will accelerate in the background of global warming in other regions. Soon in North America and Northern Europe it will be impossible to engage in agriculture due to adverse climate.