On Luc Besson sued for refusing to shoot the deer

Recently it became known that Director Luc Besson sued in court. The lawsuit asked the representatives of the Hunting Federation of the Department of the Orne. The essence of the claims is that Besson refuses to reduce the population of deer that live on his site. The name of the Director repeatedly received complaints from members of the Federation, and now the matter took a serious turn.

На Люка Бессона подают в суд за отказ отстреливать оленей

Due to the fact that Luc Besson refuses to follow orders, the representatives of the Federation need to recover from the Director more than 120 thousand euros. They believe that the failure of Besson to shoot the deer contributes to the uncontrolled breeding of animals. In response Luc Besson has stated categorically that neither he nor other people will not kill animals belonging to its territory.

The Director owns the land plot with an area of 160 hectares. According to experts, this territory is home to 50 to 100 deer. The representatives of the Hunting Federation claimed that the animals cause enormous damage to local farmers, destroying their crops. Farmers have filed several lawsuits against the Federation, but now incurred losses, the organization tries to reimburse the expense of Besson.

The Director commented quite strongly. In response to the sentence hunters shoot deer passing by his house, he proposes to bring on to the balcony of the children who will have to watch this picture.

Luc Besson set up very strongly in trying to defend their rights. He hired lawyers, who are now engaged in this business. Defenders of the Director saying that part of the forest, which is owned by Besson may not seriously affect the overall number of deer inhabiting the region. That is the claim of the Federation and its requirements to produce shooting of animals should be rejected as unfounded.