On Monday in Ottawa, Trudeau will hold a meeting with the king of Jordan (PHOTO)

В понедельник в Оттаве Трюдо проведет встречу с королем Иордании  (ФОТО)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with the king of Jordan.

This is the fifth visit of king Abdullah II to Canada during the twenty years of his stay on the throne of the middle Eastern country.

The press service of the Prime Minister announced that the policy will discuss the partnership of Canada and Jordan, measures to enhance diversification and countering violent extremism.

They will also discuss current regional security issues, exacerbated in recent weeks by the repeated violation of ceasefire in the Civil war in Syria.

More than 660000 Syrians trying to escape the conflict, fled to neighboring Jordan, and thousands of them were later resettled in Canada as part of the liberal program, which was announced along with other campaign promises during the elections in 2015.

At that time Trudeau has promised to take the 25,000 Syrians in Canada, and four years ago this month in Jordan, the liberal government launched a multibillion-dollar program, under which it is expected the arrival of nearly 40,000 Syrians.