On Monday shall enter into force a ban on the use of cell phones in the classroom (PHOTO)

В понедельник вступает в силу запрет на пользование мобильниками на уроках (ФОТО)

Monday, Ontario students will no longer be able to use their mobile phones in the classroom.

Progressive conservative government announced in August that he would put a ban on personal mobile devices in the classroom or “school hours”.

Exemptions from the prohibition will be made if the device is necessary for medical purposes, in the case of special educational needs or if the teacher determines that it is necessary for the lesson.

In an interview with CP24 Sunday by the Minister of education of the province said that students, parents, teachers and administrators should “cooperate to develop a new culture of learning”.

“Technology is so important in the 21st century when it comes to modern professions, I support the ability to use new technologies, we will continue to do so in the classroom, but if it interferes with learning, achieving learning goals, if the study material this is not necessary, in schools this will not happen,” said Stephen Lecce.

“I want to ensure that the kids fully focus on the subject on learning and therefore eliminate everything that hinders learning.”

The last 2 months of the school year was supposed to be a “reasonable period” in order for teachers and students to better prepare for the ban.

The district school Board of Toronto has refused to ban mobile phones in 2011 after officials decided that it is too difficult to control. Lecce had previously stated his hopes that “provincial option” will be more successful.

“Historically, some councils have tried to impose such restrictions, however, as is often the case in the implementation of many of the prohibitions or protocols have been hampered by the inconsistency,” said Lecce in August.

On Sunday one of the substitute teachers of Toronto said that the teacher does not have time to see to it that none of the 30 students in the class are not distracted by the phone.

“I think that mobile phones can be a good tool for learning, especially in ill-equipped technically offices, but I think that it is necessary to introduce strict rules. The teachers are incredibly difficult to control what students do on their phones if they don’t watch every student individually,” she said.

At the same time, she stated that teachers need a higher level of technological support for teaching.