On OGHK were not able to pay salaries

На ОГХК не смогли вовремя выплатить зарплату

Photo: amkrprof.org.ua

Workers Volnogorsk MMC has not paid the debts

Top managers of the State United mining and chemical company explain the delay incurred cash gap and promise to repay the debt in the near future.

State United mining and chemical company were unable to pay wages to employees because of lack of funds, reported in a Facebook acting head of the Board of OGHK Peter Davies.

According to the company, office and staff iranskogo Mining wages for June paid, robotictelescope MMC has not received the payment due to the shortage in the amount of 20 million hryvnias.

Previous management of the company explains the deficit of inappropriate use of funds, formed in February this year, when the state property Fund changed management.

It is noted that at the time of the advent of the new leadership in the accounts of OGHK was about UAH 293 million and $20 million.

The current head of OGHK Peter Davis significantly increased the cost of maintaining the office more than doubled its staff to 76 people from 32 salary Fund grew from 1.2 million UAH to 5 million UAH per month.