On Queen Street for the month of the pilot project were more than 1,800 Parking violations (PHOTO)

На Queen Street за месяц пилотного проекта было более 1,800 нарушений правил парковки  (ФОТО)

During the six-week pilot project aimed at reducing congestion and time of tow cars on Queen Street, was issued more than 1,800 penalty Parking tickets.

It was assumed that the pilot project, which operated in the interval between Fallingbrook Road and Roncesvalles Avenue, will help ease traffic congestion during the afternoon rush, towing illegally parked cars on the designated side of the street is a COP item.

According to the mayor of Toronto John Tory, the congestion prevented the public transport passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. He also noted that the faster cars will be removed from the passage, the better for all.

The tow truck requires approximately 90 minutes to move one car stopped in the wrong place and back on the street.

After the introduction of the pilot project, approximately 1,818 Parking violations were recorded during 6 weeks. Police also moved the 426 cars.

During the pilot project 2019 was recorded a 71-percent increase in the number of Parking violations and 56% increase in the number of movements of vehicles compared to the same period of 2018.