On the border of Bulgaria and Serbia a large localized forest fire (PHOTO)

На границе Болгарии и Сербии локализован большой лесной пожар (ФОТО)

Firefighters Bulgaria and Serbia were able to localize large forest fire raging in the mountains of Stara Planina, on the Bulgarian-Serbian border, reports TASS. As said Tuesday at a briefing the Director of fire service and protection of the population of Bulgaria Nikolay Nikolov, the spreading area of the fire exceeded 4 thousand hectares.

“The fire is burning on an area of over 4 thousand hectares, one third of them located on the territory of Bulgaria, the other on the Serbian side. The fire in its scale is the largest not only in Balkans, but in Europe. Fortunately, the more he captured the herbs, bushes and pastures, not forest. At present, it was localized and probably during the night it will be extinguished,” – said Nikolov.

The official said that over the extinguishing of the fire of about 150 people on the Bulgarian side and about 200 Serbian, involved military helicopters.

As reported on Tuesday, the head of the Sector for emergency situations of Serbia Predrag Maric, the TV channel Pink TV, Serbian rescuers turned to Russian colleagues with a request to help in fighting fires on the ridge of Stara Planina, in particular, to send in fire fighting specialized aircraft Il-76. –