On the border of USA and Mexico found the longest tunnel in history

U.S. customs has announced that it has discovered the longest tunnel for smuggling that ever was found near the Mexican border. About it writes BBC.

На границе США и Мексики обнаружили самый длинный тоннель за всю историю

Photo: Depositphotos

The length of the underground tunnel — 1313 meters, it is equipped with an Elevator, rail tracks, ventilation and drainage, and high voltage electrical lines.

The entrance is located on the site of the industrial facility on the outskirts of Tijuana in Mexico. The solution was found in a warehouse in Otay Mesa (San Diego, CA).

During surgery, no drugs found, also no one was arrested. American authorities have not said who is suspected of creating the tunnel.

However, it is known that the active area of the Mexican Sinaloa cartel, which U.S. authorities believe the criminal drug organization in the world.

The founder of the cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who headed it for a long time, is currently serving a sentence in an American prison.

The tunnel in question, found in August, but his description of the US police have released just now.

The average depth at which the tunnel is 21 meters. The size of the underground passage — 175 centimeters high and 62 centimeters wide.

“The complexity and length of the tunnel show how long transnational criminal organizations are able to cook smuggling operation,” says special agent of the Department of homeland security in San Diego Cardell Morant.

In 2016, California found more than ten similar engineering structures.