On the eve of memorial Day, the legislative Assembly of Ontario gave the tribute to veterans (PHOTO)

В преддверии Дня памяти законодательное собрание Онтарио отдало дань уважения ветеранам (ФОТО)

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford said that Canadians are indebted to veterans, but we can show gratitude by paying tribute to the victims.

On Thursday, the last day before memorial Day, the representatives of all parties in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario honored the memory of veterans by standing.

Ford said that throughout history the people of Canada and Ontario have proven that their commitment to the core principles of freedom are inviolable.

He says that from the battle of Cambrai in the First world war to the fighting in Afghanistan from more recent events, the Canadians bravely resisted tyranny and terror.

MP new Democrats Jenny Stevens, the mother of petty officer second class, Royal canadian Navy, issued a statement from his party.

She said that her son was involved in three military operations abroad, and she knows how important it is to honor veterans and their families.