On the Greek resort island forest fire is approaching human settlements (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

На греческом курортном острове лесной пожар подбирается к населенным пунктам (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The popular Greek resort island of Zakynthos in the Ionian sea due to strong winds broke out a forest fire. It failed to take control, and line of fire came to homes. Destroyed at least one building.

Villagers of Keri and the Agulhas moved to the hotel Zakynthos town is the administrative center of the homonymous community, according to Newsbomb, and notes that on the morning of 16 September, the wind was not so strong, but it is too early to say how events will develop.

In extinguishing involved in 52 units, including aviation, 172 firefighters and volunteers. The municipality issued orders to schools and other educational institutions of the settlements located in the surrounding areas, were closed. According to experts, if the wind weakens, the line will move to the South-Western part of the island.

On Zakynthos are moved additional fire departments from other areas of Greece. So, from the Peloponnese Peninsula, the ship came with nine fire engines and Hiking fire detachment on Board from Thessaloniki flew transport aircraft with 35 firefighters, reports TASS.

The island also flew to the General Secretary for civil protection of Greece Nikos Kardulias, head of the special response unit of the Secretariat for coordination of fire fighting.

In recent days all over Greece blowing a Gale, reaching seven or more points on the Beaufort scale. Under the influence of hot weather in different parts of the country, there were several forest fires fanned by strong winds.

Most of them have already localized. But were unable to bring under control by Saturday, a strong forest fire in the mountains near the resort town of Loutraki on the Gulf of Corinth Ionian sea. For preventive purposes, there was evacuated the monks of the monasteries of St. Petopia (Agios Patapios) and Prophet Elias (prophitis Ilias), and the nursing home, which is also located on the hillside.

Most of the resort town of Loutraki, located on the plain by the sea, the fire is not in danger. Forest fire stew more than 100 firefighters to support fire and aviation.