On the Ministry of labor will assess the safety of workplaces (PHOTO)

Инспекция минтруда проведет проверку безопасности рабочих мест  (ФОТО)

The inspectors provincial Ministry of labour will conduct an investigation into the question of labor protection to prevent the most common injuries in the workplace.

The Minister of labour Monty McNaughton reported that within three months of the campaign, the focus inspectors will focus on prevention of injuries of locomotor apparatus and respiratory diseases.

In 2017 the share of injuries of musculoskeletal system accounted for approximately one third of the claims of temporary disability, adopted by the provincial Council on labour protection and insurance.

The inspections will also investigate ways of preventing threats to breathing including gases, dust and fumes that can lead to disease.

McNaughton said that employees warned employers about the possibility of checking in a few weeks.

He says that the inspection is part of a large-scale public policies aimed at improving health and safety.