“On the scale was 178 kg – I almost fell from the shock”: the explicit recognition of the former contestants…

«На весах было 178 кг – я чуть не упала от шока»: откровенные признания бывшей участницы...

Thursday, October 17, will be broadcast the eighth episode of the very significant project of the country, “she zvazheni schaslivi” (STB). This week participants will once again have an exchange of partners. To achieve the goal, the project will have to go through the mud to stay on the spinning platform and to show a good result at the weigh-in.

The last air left the party to “pink” team, 23-year-old nurse from Kiev Lala Aliyev, who came to the project with a weight of 178 pounds. In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Lala told me that was the most difficult on the project, how she managed to lose kilos and shared their diet.

Again I went to work, but continue to do it, — said Lala. – Do not stop on the way to his dream victory in the home weight loss. Really looking forward to it, because right now in my life everything has changed — attitude to yourself, to others. I’m externally and internally.

— A large weight has constrained you?

— Of course! I saw my reflection in the mirror. It is annoying. Past me every day took hundreds of people, and they also saw what I look like. I thought everyone is paying attention to my fullness. Weight loss increased my confidence in myself, in my abilities! The men began to give me signs of attention!

«На весах было 178 кг – я чуть не упала от шока»: откровенные признания бывшей участницы...

— How much weight have you lost during the first week on the project?

— Seven pounds. For me it was just a shock! High, that used to be for a month, I dropped three pounds. And then seven for the week. I remember that I felt very proud. Understand what you can much more because my weight dropped seven pounds is a drop in the ocean. I almost did not feel their loss. But after a month on the project when I lost 15 pounds, it was noticeable. There are some outlines of shapes, were given a much easier exercise. Now, I do everything easily!

— It happens that at some point the weight loss may stop.

I have this happened in the first week after I left the project. I did stick to the diet, but the weight did not decrease in any. I remember when I was really scared. I didn’t understand what to do. Contacted dietician Svetlana FUS, she said it was due to stress from the return to normal life.

Indeed, two months into the project, I, like all members, were sheltered from domestic problems. And suddenly, in one moment, it all came back! I remember I couldn’t even go outside, didn’t want to see people. It took me a week to get out of this state.

— Had a feeling that you can leave the project in the seventh week?

Somewhere deep down I knew this, but of course it didn’t. However, on the seventh live we had a big “antimonous” +20 pounds and could not in any way to work out.

— Since the project took six months. How much are you dropped?

— 48 kilograms. I began to buy clothes, which had not even dared to look. Very take volumes. I’m blown away and blown away (smiles). It became much easier to walk, bend. My life before the project now seems to be just nerealNoy.

— Up to a reality you have tried to lose weight?

— A couple of times, but it did not bring any results. I began to gain weight at the age of 12. Before that he was skinny. But with hormonal changes in the body began a rapid addition of the weight. However, I must admit that the food I imagine anything not denied — fast food, soda, sweets. At one point just gave up on my body and decided to “go with the flow”.

— What made you come to the project?

— Colleagues, relatives for a long time I have campaigned to come to “That”, and then there happened that this season was held-singles. You know, at one point I was scared for their health and their loved ones who would have to carry me through life. Anyway, it is not known how long I would have stuck with this weight. However, until the last moment I thought I weigh 140-150 pounds. But when, standing on a project on the scale and saw 178, nearly fell off from the shock!

«На весах было 178 кг – я чуть не упала от шока»: откровенные признания бывшей участницы...

— What is your diet?

He hasn’t changed from the time of the project, I did not add in the diet, which was painted by Svetlana FUS. And exercise as recommended by Irakli Makatsaria. Of meat eat mainly poultry. Cereal gluten free — quinoa, millet, rice, buckwheat. Bulgur and wheat — is not desirable. Fruit can eat 250 grams a day only until 12 noon. Melon, grapes, bananas generally prohibited. Sweet only five grams of dark chocolate a day. The first time to give up sugar was very difficult. Sweet was my passion. Remember how you first felt the “break-up”, and now there was a reorganization of the body, and I can calmly walk past storefronts with sweets. Drink water without gas, juice — only fresh. Can afford two cups of coffee in the morning and before training. This drink really adds strength. But I’m drinking coffee without milk and sugar.

«На весах было 178 кг – я чуть не упала от шока»: откровенные признания бывшей участницы...

— What was your most challenging project?

— Probably, the isolation from loved ones. Now we are so tied up with various gadgets that, having lost them, and felt empty. I really wanted to share their achievements with friends, to feel support. First time it was hard to work with a partner Ruslan Garden — to the project, we were absolutely strangers. And then — communication 24 hours a day! The first three weeks were the most intense. We fought, and fought, it annoyed me. Now, after the project, I understand that it also had experience. In any case, I never regretted the fact that he was in “That”!

«На весах было 178 кг – я чуть не упала от шока»: откровенные признания бывшей участницы...Lala and Ruslan

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