On the school benches thanks to basketball

On school benches thanks to basketball


It is thanks to his passion for basketball that a young man from Quebec managed to obtain his high school diploma which allows him to aspire to medical studies.< /p>

The transition from primary to secondary level was not an easy process for James Biteja. The new environment, the new classmates and her difficulties at school created a lot of anxiety for her.

Dribbling the basketball and hitting the basket was the only motivation to stay on the benches at Vanier High School.

“When I started basketball, there was the program The diploma before the medal (DAM) which required us to get help with homework to be able to participate in matches. So, that's when I started doing it,” says James.

DAM is an organization that encourages the academic success of young people at risk of dropping out by using sport as a lever for intervention. The effect has been good on James, as he's got plans to go to medical school.

“It was tough at first, but when I started to put in the effort- in it, the results came with it,” continues the 17-year-old.

He saw that he too could perform in school and do what he wanted for his future.

A family success

James graduated from high school last summer. He is currently on a sabbatical, during which he wants to save money. He works two jobs.

“I work in a Christmas shop and in a residence for seniors, where I serve the tables,” he explains.

To next fall, he will do the Pure Sciences program in Ottawa, which will then allow him to continue his studies in medicine.

DAM means a lot to James' family, since his brother and sister are , they too, remained hooked thanks to her support.

Her youngest brother is continuing his studies to obtain his secondary school diploma while his older sister, Angélique, recently obtained her diploma in technical studies. in Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice at Collège La Cité with great distinction.

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