On the Ukrainian labor market has changed the priorities and salaries

The number of vacancies last month increased in eight of the 24 fields, and salaries increased in almost every second. The most active in job search – students.

На украинском рынке труда изменились приоритеты и зарплаты

This was reported on the platform OLX Job, reports UBR.

Top most highest paid professions in the period of quarantine:

drivers of jobs has increased by 3% and im willing to pay an average of 18.5 thousand UAH.;

— office managers — vacancies for them was 17% higher and the average salary of 15 thousand UAH.;

— telecommunications and communication — 13,5 thousand UAH.;

chef — they offer about 12.5 thousand UAH per month;

— movers — vacancies has increased by 26%, and the average salary increased by 4% to 12 thousand UAH.;

— the sellers – they offer a salary of 11.5 thousand UAH per month.

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In addition to these popular are the professions and jobs for the position of security guard, welder and Builder.

By industry, the picture looks as follows:

  • in agriculture, the number of jobs increased by 24%;
  • in the field of marketing and advertising also increased sentences by 7%;
  • in the field of telecommunications and number of offers applicants increased by 5%.

The most active in search of work were young people. One vacancy responds on average 33 people. They also raised the level of wages to 13 600 UAH per month.

A real boom occurred in the field of Secretariat administrative Department. The number of those who are interested in these jobs increased by almost 4 times, and if one vacancy in February responded to 3 people, in March — already 11.