Rage Against The Machines guitarist Tom Morello was accidentally dumped by a security guard at a concert this weekend. 

So as the rock band performed Killing in the Name at a concert held at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada on Saturday night, a man in a red T-shirt rushed onto the stage.

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Someone Takled @tmorello in Toronto!!
@6ixbuzztv pic.twitter.com/GpIYCwXezM

— Oscar Uriel (@OscUri_dad97) July 24, 2022

According to footage posted online, a security guard ran after the viewer but ended up punching Morello, who is fell off the edge of the platform.

Singer Zack de la Rocha noticed the incident and immediately shouted to the crowd, “Wait! Wait ! »

Shortly after, Morello returned to the stage and threw his arms up in the air, apparently indicating he was going good. The band ended the show without further drama.

Other security personnel were seen escorting the admirer from the crowd.

Morello has yet to comment the accident.