“One click”: the Ukrainians have simplified the procedure for changing gas supplier

In Ukraine from July 1, greatly simplified the procedure for changing supplier of gas for the population. According to the head of Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine”, Andrey KOBOLEV, since July, the gas consumer can change provider in one click: you need to send the new supplier a letter of accession.

“Everything else will make a new provider with the help of modern information technologies”, — said Kobolyev.

He stressed that before implementing changes, the process could drag on for months. With the new rules it is possible to change supplier within three days.

“It’s a bold, but necessary step for the launch of the retail gas market. And I’m grateful that, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the controller continues to reform the Ukrainian gas market and changed the rules to finally give the freedom of choice every Ukrainian,” — said the head of Board of Naftogaz.

The new regulator’s decision had eliminated such requirements for change of supplier as obtaining a written reference about the absence of debt or making of a reconciliation report, or the schedule of repayment of indebtedness to the supplier. However, the consumer must declare that he has no debts for gas.

In Ukraine the gas reserves in underground storage facilities exceeded 19.5 billion cubic meters

As reported, on 10 June 2020, the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU) adopted a decision which simplifies the process of switching gas suppliers for household consumers. In particular, the changes made to the Code transmission system Code distribution system, the Rules of natural gas supply and a standard supply contract natural gas household consumers.