One in three Canadians cancel their streaming subscriptions

One in three Canadians cancel their streaming subscriptions


In this period of inflation, nearly one in three Canadians has decided in the past six months to cut into streaming platforms and cancel their subscription to at least one of these services , according to a recent survey by the Angus Reid Institute. 

For at least half of the respondents, these cancellations are a decision made directly because of the increase in the cost of living . The rest said they decided to quit because they didn't use the services as much (39%) or because they didn't like the selection as much (24%).

Streaming services are not close to shutting down in Canada, however, since nearly 85% of respondents said they had at least one subscription, compared to only half in 2016. These are 65 % of Canadians surveyed who have more than one service and 40% who have three or more subscriptions.

Conversely, subscription to cable or satellite television continues to decline , down five points from 2018 and down 27 points over the past decade.

While 82% of Canadians over 54 still prefer this viewing mode, the Age 18-34 is half as important (41%). The survey was conducted among 1,618 Canadian adult members of the Angus Reid Forum from October 11-13, 2022.