One million was collected for a drone for Ukraine in one day. This fundraiser has gone viral

Nothing strengthens society more than unity in helping. Regardless of the origin, nation or skin color – social unity gives the power to overcome many adversities …

 A million in one day was collected for a drone for Ukraine. This collection turned into a vortex

The media circulated incredibly uplifting information that over a million zlotys were collected for the Polish collection for the Bayraktar drone in one day. There are still 21 of them missing, but as you can see, “the Pole can do it!”

Nothing connects people like a common fellow who wants to weaken or get rid of him completely. Even a common interest cannot connect society as strongly as the equally hated element of society, which more or less determines to cooperate even the most disliked social individuals on a daily basis.

One day, nearly 11,000 donors and a million zlotys for a militarily effective drone

It is no secret that the war that Poles have known so far is, above all, occupation, slavery, the deprivation of all human rights, the ubiquitous dark evil that brings death and betrayal, which awakens in war conditions almost in every individual.

There is also the other side of the war, which Poland did not experience from the countries considered an ally & oacute; w & ndash; solidary help and a look at the man, not the nation. When Vladimir Putin threw mercenaries and conscripts into Ukraine, the immediate mobilization of citizens and the neighbor took place as soon as the first shock subsided.

The initiative for which Ukraine thanks

The media began to flood with direct reports about the situation, which was additionally exacerbated by the existence of social media.

Now TVN24 reports that as a result of a collection organized by the journalist Sławomir Sierakowski, over a million zlotys were collected in one day for the purchase of the Bayraktar TB2 drone, which the authors declared to donate an unmanned unit free of charge, at the same time appealing for the donation of the collected funds to meet the needs of war victims.

Citizens of Ukraine do not hide their emotions and gratitude for such a huge interest in the action “Let's buy Bayraktar Ukraine!” They have already found out that the UAV is extremely effective in combat.