One-of-a-kind love

One-of-a-kind love


Roxanemania shows no signs of slowing down. On her return to the Capitole Theater in Quebec, Friday evening, a year after the start of the Acrophobia tour, the endearing Roxane Bruneau once again charmed her fervent and noisy admirers as well as those who discovered her singular universe where music and humor come together .

More than ever, Roxane Bruneau does things her own way. During the first of two sold-out concerts in the capital, it gave us an evening which, under the impetus of a crowd ready to follow its favorite in all its fantasies, very quickly turned into a beautiful and delirious communion.

The star has also rightly highlighted the almost visceral bond, unique in its kind in Quebec, which unites her to her fans by launching her concert with the title track of her latest album, Acrophobia< /em>, which ends with its circumstance words. “From the start, you've held me, you're the ones who scream, you're the ones who lift me up, I owe you one, I haven't forgotten it.”


To shout, they shouted. And sang. Young and old alike are ready to sing loudly the Love me again, Little bits of you and In my own way. It was sometimes cacophonous, it bordered on indiscipline, but it came from the bottom of my heart.

It's no coincidence that this singer like no other, with whom Quebecers fell in love , five years ago, hosted a Just for Laughs gala this summer. There are almost as many monologues as songs in her show.

If she's funny? Its timingcomedy and his sense of repartee are amazing. Her jokes, whether written or improvised, hit the mark to the point of making her fans laugh out loud.

Surprise, Annie Villeneuve

” I thought we were coming to see Ariane Moffatt, we got the wrong lesbian,” she even swung, imagining a couple in disbelief at her performance.

”  ;is so crazy », kept repeating a lady behind us, laughing out loud.

The last part of the concert turned into a party thanks to a surprise guest. After singing snippets of hits by Mario Pelchat and Marjo, she played a few notes from Tomber à l'eau.

Annie Villeneuve then appeared to perform her most popular song. Then, without giving the spectators a chance to sit down, Roxane Bruneau asked her to sing the theme song for Star Académie with her, a request to which Annie Villeneuve complied with obvious pleasure. .