One of the best Ukrainian athletes to Jul stuck in Kenya quarantined

Одна из сильнейших украинских легкоатлеток до июля застряла в Кении на карантине

Olga Lyahova

Two-time champion of the European games in 2019 and multiple medalist of the European Championships, specializing in the 800 meters, Olga Lahova has difficulty returning Home – Ukrainka is located in Kenya.

Our talented compatriot, March 7, was the training camps in this East African country, but after finishing them, can’t leave Kenya after he announced the quarantine and closed its borders.

Olga was looking for ways to return home. And she had a great option is to fly to Ukraine on may 31, but again things did not go according to plan. As reported by the athlete on his page on Instagram, her flight was canceled, and at the moment the nearest date to 30 June.

“Life in Kenya continues, and I’m starting to think that this is my home. My ticket for may 31 was canceled, and now the first available flight on 30 June. I found that if I fly home on June 30 that it will be 115 days. And this is my absolute record of stay at the training camp! By the way, may extend the quarantine. So this date may be moved ‘ …” – wrote the athlete.

The Ukrainian did not lose sense of humour and joked that it was time to take the citizenship of Kenya because she spends too much time here.

“Oh, by the way, I was in Kenya and another in December. And it turns out the 145 days for the year. Interesting statistics. This means that I’m in Kenya, I spend more time than ever home? Maybe it’s time to obtain citizenship?”, – puts a rhetorical question Lahova.