One of the clubs in the Premier League for 3 months does not pay salaries to football players, and it’s not the coronavirus

Один из клубов УПЛ уже 3 месяца не выплачивает зарплаты футболистам, и дело не в коронавирусе


Ukrainian journalist and former Vice-President of “Karpaty” Victor Vatske in the show “Vatske Live” reported that the Lviv club is not funded by the President of Karpaty, Petro Dyminsky for three months.

“My sources within the club report that Dyminsky now not funding the club, no salaries.

Arrears of wages is three months.

They – are potential free agents, the player simply writes a statement of non-fulfillment of the contract. Football club Karpaty at the moment, incapable,” concluded Vatske.

We will add that”Karpaty” went on a forced break, occupying the last place in the standings, lagging behind the saving of space on 5 points.

We will remind, in February “Karpaty” became the people’s team.