One of the founders of the ‘White helmets’ found dead in Istanbul (PHOTO)

Один из основателей 'Белых касок' найден мертвым в Стамбуле (ФОТО)

British citizen James Le Mesure, which was one of the founders of the non-governmental organization “White helmets”, found dead near his home in Istanbul in Turkey, writes the newspaper the Independent, citing unnamed sources.

According to unconfirmed reports, he fell from the balcony of his apartment. It happened six days after the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova accused Le Mesure in subversive activities in the middle East.

The Turkish newspaper Sozcu, for its part, informs about the death of a retired British army officer Le Mesure. The publication writes that shortly before his death a man for some time was taking an antidepressant.

“White helmets”, a non – governmental organization operating in those areas of Syria that are controlled by opposition forces. With the Syrian authorities she is not cooperating, reports “Interfax”. As stated in the organization, its goals – health care and rescue of people trapped in the war zone in this country. In eight years of civil war staff White helmets have saved thousands of Syrians.

The Independent notes that Le Mesure played a major role in the creation of this organization in Turkey in 2013. He was the Director of a charitable organization Mayday Rescue, whose members and trained employees of service of civil defence White helmets. Mayday Rescue offices located in Amsterdam and Istanbul. Projects of this organization were funded by the UN and a number of States.

For his activities in the field of humanitarian assistance Le Mesure was awarded knight of the order of the British Empire in 2016.

The Russian authorities, by contrast, has repeatedly criticized the White helmets and Le Mesure, accusing them of provocations and having links with terrorists. November 8, three days before the death of the Briton, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova insinuated that Le Mesure is a spy. According to Zakharov, he was “an agent of British intelligence service MI6, who was seen in different parts of the world, including in the Balkans and the middle East.”

“About his links with terrorist groups, was reported during his mission in Kosovo”, – said Zakharov.

The following message on Twitter, she pointed out that “White helmets” provocations, “help the most dangerous terrorist groups and oppose counter-terrorism efforts of the Syrian government, which help other countries.” They also “cynically planned and staged a series of chemical attacks”.