One of the most popular French restaurants closed as a result of fire (PHOTO)

Один из самых популярных французских ресторанов закрылся в результате пожара (ФОТО)

The fire broke out early morning at a favorite French restaurant in Toronto, managed to localize.

At about 5 a.m. fire crews were called to Chantecler in Parkdale to extinguish a fire the third category. All tenants were safely evacuated. The fire chief of Toronto Matthew Pegg reported that as of 7: 30 a.m. the fire was localized, but it completely fails to control.

Global News reported that firefighters observed smoke on the first floor, then the fire spread to the second and third floors of the building, but it spread to neighboring buildings limit.

Additional calculations were called in case the fire will still be able to cover the area with lots of old buildings.

Chantecler and neighbouring Boucherie will be closed today. The restaurant management reported in Instagram that, in their opinion, the cause of the fire was not food, and that while they can’t call the extent of the damage. They will continue to report changes of subscribers in social networks.

The area near Queen and Brock is currently closed to traffic.