One of the mushroom pickers found an impressive find. The real thing has reached gigantic proportions. The photos are impressive

The giant mushroom weighed over 2 kilograms.

 One of the mushroom pickers came across an impressive find. The mushroom has reached gigantic dimensions. The photos are impressive

As reported by the portal” Goniec “, Marcin Kasperczyk from Siedliska (voiv & oacute; Dztwo Małopolskie) found a boletus of impressive size. The mushroom was 34 cm in diameter and weighed more than 2 kilograms. The man admitted that he had never managed to come across such a gigantic specimen, and that he had several years of experience behind him.

A giant mushroom

Marcin, 25, admitted that he had been picking mushrooms on a regular basis for over a dozen years. He emphasized that mushrooming is not easy, because it requires not only a good knowledge of mushroom species, but also good physical condition, because it is often necessary to climb steep hills in the forest.

During one of his trips to the forest, a man came across a boletus, which weighs more than 2 kilograms. The diameter of the specimen's hat, which reached 34 cm, was also impressive. Mr. Marcin revealed that the giant mushroom is currently being dried, and in some time it will turn into a delicious soup or mushroom sauce.

The portal “Goniec”, referring to the cook, Aleksander Zachuta, indicates that a specimen of this weight can be used to obtain about 250 g of dried fruit. This is enough to prepare 10-12 liters of mushroom soup on Christmas Eve, as well as borscht dumplings for quite a large family.

Where for mushrooms?

On the “Mushrooms” portal, we can read that we are currently dealing with a flood in forests mushroom Unfortunately, their number is not the same everywhere. According to the specialist, in most parts of Poland, you have to walk quite a bit to come across mushrooms. In addition, the rash appears in various parts of Poland – when it ends in one, it appears in the other.

Long-term weather forecasts indicate that perhaps in October the weather will favor more mushroom outbreaks and will cause mushroom pickers lots of pleasant surprises.

And what is the biggest specimen you can boast of?