One of the pubs in Toronto suddenly “wised up” (PHOTO)

Один из пабов в Торонто неожиданно «поумнел» (ФОТО)

If Paul Rudd and has something to teach us in his new Netflix series from “living with yourself”, is that we must always strive to become better versions of ourselves.

The owners of one of the oldest bars in Grange Park, apparently, had in mind when this week made it a rebranding, completely change his old image.

The Village Idiot pub (Village idiot), who has 30 years offers food and drinks near OCAD on the corner of McCaul Street and Dundas Street West, drew the surprised looks of passers-by his new name “The Village Genius” (Village Genius).

Kevin Girgis, the son of the owner Atef Girgis and Director of the Town Crier, another pub owned by the family and the next, said the idea is to “change over time” and make the school more welcoming, especially for couples with children.

Kevin helped with the design, implying not only a new name and new decor, and a completely redesigned menu.

Bar gradually get used to the new way: there is the idea to place everywhere and thought-provoking quotes and hang the portraits of geniuses, such as albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Nikola Tesla and even Margaret Atwood.

Friday introduces a new, expanded and redesigned menu, which had less options related to the pub, and more interesting option of the higher class, such as tortillas, goulash and meat dishes (sorry vegans do) at reasonable prices.

“We want to make it a place for everyone, where everyone will feel comfortable, says Kevin. – I hope this situation will contribute to the conversations, and the bar becomes the place to socialize… and make everyone a little happier when they go there.”