One of the States in the USA changed their flag because of the protests

Mississippi officially decided to change the last flag state in the U.S. with the emblem of the Confederacy, a racist symbol that has been a source of conflict for many generations. About it writes The Guardian.

Один из штатов США изменил свой флаг из-за протестов

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The Governor of Mississippi, Republican Tate Reeves Tuesday, June 30, signed a historic bill to amend the 126-year-old state flag.

“For me, this is not a political moment, a solemn occasion when a large Mississippi family got together and went on,’ said Reeves. — We are still a resilient people, determined by our hospitality. We are people of great faith. Now, more than ever, we must rely on this faith to leave behind our differences and unite for the greater good”.

Legislators in Mississippi are faced with growing pressure to change the flag, on which was depicted the emblem of the Confederation is a red field topped by a blue X with 13 white stars.

Sunday, June 28, the coalition of legislators passed a bill to change the flag and have urged the Commission to develop a new, which voters would have to approve the elections on 3 November.

Supporters of changing the flag argued that he cannot represent the state in which 38% of the population is black. The flag of Mississippi was adopted in 1894, thirty years after the civil war and the abolition of slavery (1865).

Voters in Mississippi decided to keep the flag on 2001 elections in the state, while supporters said they considered it a symbol of southern heritage. But since then, a growing number of cities and universities have used it.

In 2015, the Republican speaker of the house of state Philip Gunn had supported the idea of changing the flag after a supporter of white supremacy killed nine black congregation in Charleston, as it turned out, the Manifesto of the action contained images of the Confederate flag.

However, this question was considered too unstable to legislators in Mississippi, it could face, while the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis the cops a few weeks of constant protests against racial injustice, followed by calls to remove symbols of the Confederacy.

Young activists, athletes, businessmen, representatives of different religions, of education and sports called for Mississippi to make a change, eventually giving lawmakers the impetus to vote.

The idea of changing the flag have met a lot of resistance. Republican Senator Chris McDaniel said that changing the flag is a challenge to the fundamental values of the country, and warned that the next will be the American flag.

A Democrat Edward Blackmon, Jr. argued that the flag state “should be something that we all need to feel a sense of pride.”

Reeves said on Tuesday: “the People of Mississippi, black and white, young and old, can be proud of the flag that will put our faith to the fore. We will be able to unite under him. We can move forward together.”