One of the ugliest TTS Toronto will undergo a global update (PHOTOS)

Один из самых уродливых ТЦ Торонто подвергнется глобальному обновлению (ФОТО)

Those who have been to Lawrence Square, you know that, in terms of aesthetics there’s nothing particularly special. But the local Mall is now undergoing a huge transformation.

October 3, significant not only because it was the 30th anniversary for the RioCan shopping center, but also the fact that in this day announced the official rebranding of the building.

Members of the city Council and representatives of RioCan gathered together at the event to discuss the changes.

Members of the city Council focused on the role the Mall plays for local residents, especially now, when the live side by side people with different income levels.

During the event was posted on the new bright orange sign with the logo and new name Lawrence Allen Centre.

Now the renovation is in process. It is known that will be changed as the appearance of the building, and domestic. However, within are already a lot done.

Work on the facade of the building will be fully completed by the spring of 2020, but inside everything looks brand-new.

The food court has been upgraded, replaced, furniture was added color decorative solutions.

Throughout the building features a glass roof and in the halls there are even modern screens that will help people to find any place in the Mall.