One type of salt will guarantee success in pickling cucumbers. What properties does it have

Many inexperienced housewives do not know yet which salt is best for making cucumber brine …

 One type of salt will guarantee success in pickling cucumbers. What are the properties

S & oacute ; l kitchen or regular tableware contains anti-caking agents to prevent it from sticking together. Since these additives are not soluble in water, they can cause the brine to become cloudy.

So what kind of glass is the best choice for silage?

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Although it will not affect the taste of pickles, it does not give the most visually appealing result. For crystal clear brine, it is better to use pickling salt or more pure forms of salt.

Although the sea salt does not contain any additives, it is not recommended as a substitute for rock salt, such as the Kłodawa salt for pickling and pickling, because it varies so drastically in grain size and shape from salt to curing that It is measured by volume in a very different way than that of curing.

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S & oacute; l for curing is only s & oacute; l, so it has more uses in the kitchen than just pickling. Use Kłodawa salt instead of table salt (although caking may occur).

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It can also be used in other brines such as turkey, paprika, and cabbage. And because it does not contain any anti-caking agents, it sticks well to food. Try to sprinkle it on popcorn or tortilla chips.

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