Ongoing fatigue may indicate disease of the heart or brain

People with apathy usually suspect the Blues or depression, while in fact the cause of this condition may be disease of the internal organs. Scientists associated with apathy possible diseases of the heart and brain.

Длительная апатия может говорить о болезни сердца или мозга

According to the data obtained by British experts from the Royal Free Hospital clinic, “lack of motivation in a person to any kind of activity, bad mood, and ongoing fatigue can indicate the presence of heart disease and many other diseases.” In particular, researchers indicate that loss of vitality and interest in life may indicate functional changes in vital organs.

Scientists emphasize that indifference to everything around does not occur by itself. According to them, ongoing fatigue in some cases, reflect changes in certain areas of the brain, leading to the development of neurological disorders, e.g. Parkinson’s disease.

Experts have concluded that when diagnosing depression, doctors should be very attentive to the patients and to remember that actually the problem may be hiding in internal diseases.

“It is very important to distinguish depression from other problems, because of which the patient starts apathy, after all, treat all these as different: if during the depression are often prescribed antidepressants when apathy associated with somatic diseases, such drugs will not help,” said experts from the Royal Free Hospital.