Online stores: personalized packaging is part of the customer experience

Online stores: personalized packaging is part of the customer experience


A poorly packaged package, damaged products during transport… This is the perfect recipe to ensure that the consumer never makes purchases on your online store again.< /p>

“Packaging is what completes the customer experience. We must ensure that it is positive from order to delivery in order to build customer loyalty,” explains Frédéric Vézina, vice-president of digital strategy at Altitude Strategies, a web marketing agency. 

Successful brands pay great attention to packaging. The classic example: Apple, master of packaging, which has set the bar high in this area.  

Details that make the difference

When it comes to packaging, it's all in the details. This begins with the choice of the container — which must be neither too big to avoid over-packaging nor too small at the risk of it being damaged during transport — and also the materials used. 

< p>“Consumers are sensitive to the environmental aspect. It’s a winner to choose recyclable or compostable materials,” emphasizes Frédéric Vézina.

Telling a story

Montres Solios, a Quebec manufacturer of solar-powered watches with strong eco-responsible values, took care to choose recycled cardboard and water-based inks for the packaging of its high-end products. 

“We chose a box that opens like a book in which the buyer finds, in addition to the watch he has chosen, a booklet telling the story of Solios. We opted for quality without compromising eco-responsibility,” explains Alexandre Desabrais, co-founder of the Montreal company.

Solios, of which more than 50% of online sales are international, takes an eye for detail to ensure that the watch displays the time zone of the buyer's country. 

“Eventually, we want to add a feature to the site that will allow the consumer to tell us if it is a gift intended for another person so that they can attach a personalized message to the shipment”, adds Alexandre Desabrais. 

Personalised packages

Personalization is a little extra that can make a big difference in customer loyalty. “A word written by hand, the addition of samples also contribute to improving the experience and to discovering products,” says Frédéric Vézina. It is also possible to include a hashtag in the box that will allow the buyer to have access to product documentation. »

Another phenomenon that can contribute to increased sales is the unboxing (or unboxing) videos that are proliferating on social networks, especially TikTok and YouTube. 

“For many consumers, unboxing becomes an experience in itself that many decide to film and put online, he explains. People become brand ambassadors. It is a form of genuine advertising that can influence other buyers. » 

Delivery, the sinews of war

Delivering packages in the shortest possible time is the key to the success of an online store. For this, flawless logistics are needed. However, logistics operations are often underestimated by new online merchants.

“It is easy to create an online store. Making it perform well is another thing,” says Frédéric Vézina, vice-president of digital strategy at Altitude Strategies, a web marketing agency. 

Fluid and efficient

La Belle Excuse, which produces olive oils from Greece and gourmet foods, began selling its products on the internet five years ago. The SME from Saint-Liguori, in Lanaudière, has since tested its process to make it as smooth as possible.

Online stores: personalized packaging is part of the customer experience

Vicky Stavropoulos, General Manager of La Belle Excuse

“As a general rule, shipments are prepared as soon as the order is received. Within one hour, the packages are dispatched. Depending on the destination, the consumer can receive their products within the next 24 to 48 hours,” says Vicky Stavropoulos, general manager of the family business. 

In short, a performance comparable to that of Amazon… with a much smaller team since La Belle Excuse has barely a dozen employees.

“The management of the online store is part of well in our daily activities, says Vicky Stavropoulos. At the same time, the person in charge of the physical store takes care of online purchases. That said, everyone can help out as needed since the team is versatile. »

La Belle Excuse also makes sure to keep its customers informed of the status of their order, from receipt to delivery, including the preparation of the package. “Everything is programmed on our platform. This allows us to be very close to our customers,” explains Ms. Stavropoulos.

Knowing how to adapt

According to Alexandre Desabrais, co-founder of Montres Solios, the The secret of efficient logistics can be summed up in two words: flexibility and adaptability.

“We are a young, fast-growing company that is opening up new markets internationally, so we have to constantly review our processes. Decisions made a year ago may no longer be adequate today. For example, we questioned our choice to internalize our shipping logistics in favor of doing business with an external service provider for greater efficiency,” he says. 

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