Only 10% of young Canadians see as the head of the person of a female (PHOTO)

Только 10% молодых канадцев видят в качестве руководителя лицо женского пола (ФОТО)

A new survey studying the views of young Canadians for leadership, showed that only 10% represents a woman in the position of Director-General.

In an online survey organized by the group on the rights of the child, Plan International Canada and conducted by Nanos, polled more than 2,200 Canadians aged 14 to 24 years from 15 to 24 September.

The survey found that both genders believe confidence is the main quality which a leader should possess, but only 55% of girls consider themselves confident and 81% say they at least sometimes doubt that they have everything necessary to be a good leader.

53% of boys who participated in the survey, described the girls and women as “emotional”, but only 10% believe that quality should be present in a good leader.

Even more, 57%, as the main characteristics of a good leader chose “strong”, but less than a third called the representatives of the beautiful half strong.

At the same time, almost 60% of the surveyed girls and young women said that they sometimes feel pressure to change their actions to achieve their goals in the field of leadership.

The organization conducting the survey concluded that gender stereotypes continue to pose barriers for girls to achieve leadership roles.

“The gap between ambitions and the way girls and young women in Canada perceive their ability to lead is complicated, but it starts to become clear when attention is given to systemic barriers and the role of gender socialization in shaping attitudes and perceptions from an early age,” said Saadia Hamdani, Director of gender equality at Plan International Canada.

“The problem is not the capacity or abilities of the girls and the existence of social and institutional conditions they faced”.

Experts in the interviews explained that the online surveys cannot be assigned a margin of error because they do not generate a random sample of the population.