Only a penalty shoot-out determined the winner of the super Cup of Spain: they became “real” (video)

Лишь серия пенальти определила победителя Суперкубка Испании: им стал "Реал" (видео)

Real Madrid

In the second largest city of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah at the stadium “King Abdullah sports city” was held the final of the Spanish super Cup, in which was found the second and third prize-winner of the championship last season – Atletico Madrid and real Madrid respectively.

In contrast to the semi-final matches (club atlético de Madrid – FC Barcelona 3:2 real Madrid – Valencia 3:1) hail of goals spectators have not seen.

Moreover, for 120 minutes did not see a single ball.

A series of 11-meter determined the winner of the super bowl.

Im in 11th time was “real”, having all their shots with a “point” – 4:1.

Thus, the main trainer of “real” Zinedine Zidane extended his unique series on the won the finals for the ninth time the Frenchman brought real Madrid in the final of the tournament and the ninth time they win the final.