Ontario food terminal assigned the province a special status (PHOTO)

Онтарио присвоил продовольственному терминалу провинции особый статус  (ФОТО)

Food terminal Ontario, located in Toronto’s West end, received the status of protected employment areas, which prevents it from moving.

The Minister of municipal Affairs, Steve Clark said that the province has decided to protect about 100,000 jobs in the operation of the terminal.

The province began checking the operation of the terminal at the beginning of this year that has raised fears that the object can be moved with the goal to make room for residential development.

The Minister of agriculture Ernie Hardeman announced in July that the terminal would remain at its present location.

Food terminal Ontario was created in 1954 to help the farmers of the province to export their products to the market.

Since then it has become the largest wholesale market in the country, and also serves Eastern Canada and some Northern States southern neighbor.