Ontario will introduce a new law on the protection of animals (PHOTOS)

Онтарио представит новый закон о защите прав животных (ФОТО)

The Deputy Minister of justice of Ontario, is expected to introduce on Tuesday new legislation that, according to her, will help to strengthen provincial laws against cruelty to animals.

Sylvia Jones said that the bill, named “On the protection of animals”, would include new enforcement measures and penalties.

In accordance with the new law will be hired additional inspectors, including experts in animal industries, zoos and aquariums.

“Under the proposed model, the province will update the bans … which will not allow you to return the equipment for fighting dogs owners, inspectors will cooperate with the local police in criminal investigations (a) the public prosecutors will take additional course to better represent animal rights during the relevant judicial proceedings”, – she said.

If the law is passed, it will enter into force on 1 January 2020.

The need for changes emerged due to the fact that society in the fight against cruelty to animals Ontario (OSPCA) said earlier this year that his officers will no longer investigate and apply the laws on the protection of animals against cruelty, as they did starting in 1919.

The role of the OSPCA was questioned in January when a judge ruled that the province’s mistakenly providing private charity police powers, setting the standards of accountability and transparency.