Ontario will make producers responsible for recycling (PHOTO)


Онтарио сделает производителей продукции ответственными за переработку отходов (ФОТО)

Ontario plans to make producers responsible for a provincial recycling program Blue Box by 2025.

Environment Minister Jeff yurek says the program, which is currently managed by municipalities, will proceed in stages, starting in 2023.

According to him, this action will help to stimulate Industrialists to changing attitudes towards the packaging of their products. They will have to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill as processing now they are engaged.

The new program also will simplify 240 existing municipal Blue Box programs in the province that have their own lists of allowed materials.

In a government discussion paper published earlier this year, said that the transfer of the recycling program Blue Box on the full responsibility of producers, estimated to save municipalities more than $125 million a year.

Jurek claims that consultations will begin this fall on the new structure for the Blue Box program, including detailed information on how to work the responsibility of the manufacturer.

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