Open with your smartphone: Volkswagen Golf 8 to the eyeballs stuffed with electronics

Открывается с помощью смартфона: Volkswagen Golf 8 под завязку напичкан электроникой

Sale digitalisierung model will begin in December

Recently presented the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf, as always, recognizable, and in spite of cutting-edge wrapper, easy to read beloved model. But in technical terms in the new “Golf” originated in a literal sense digitalna revolution — he to the eyeballs stuffed with electronics.

The next, eighth-generation VW Golf was presented on 24 October in Wolfsburg (Germany), where the headquarters of Volkswagen. This model is today the best selling in the line of the German company since the debut of the first Golf in 1974, had sold over 35 million copies, and it is on Golf marketers have high hopes. So the designers embodied in the model, the most advanced technological achievements.

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To get in the car, you can use the smartphone that it is only necessary to bring the door handle. With its help starts the vehicle engine (of course, for all this you need to make the appropriate settings). Within the eighth Golf digitalna organized dashboard, which is already in the basic equipment. It consists of a 10-inch screen dashboard and the Central monitor multimedia system. Even as optional head-up display that displays basic information of the instrument panel directly on the windshield of the car.

In the new model — at least mechanical buttons, and the control system is organized through electronic switches on the touchscreen Central monitor and control unit lighting to the left of the steering wheel. Even the office sliding glass roof sold touch slider on the ceiling, and the lever branded DSG is made in the form of a small joystick on the center tunnel — like premium Porsche 911.

Открывается с помощью смартфона: Volkswagen Golf 8 под завязку напичкан электроникойIn the new model — at least mechanical buttons, and the control system is organized through electronic switches on the Central touchscreen monitor

By the way, the car multimedia system has the capability of Internet access and voice control, and can also play audio and video, it has the function of remote software upgrades and install new applications. And 8 Golf was the first Volkswagen model with standard Car2X system, which is able to exchange operational information with other cars and road infrastructure within 800 metres.

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All versions of Golf installed automatic braking, and for a fee offered at IQ. Drive — adaptive cruise control with hold function in the strip running at speeds of up to 210 kilometers per hour. Also all versions have a diode in the base of the front and rear optics, and for a fee you can order front matrix lights.

No less interesting and technical stuffing VW Golf 8. It introduces a fairly wide range of modern power units of the German company, including eight motors. Of these, four pure gasoline: two three-cylinder with a volume of 1.0 liters (90 and 110 horsepower) and two four-cylinder 1.5 liters (130 and 150 horsepower) and option to deactivate two cylinders when working with small loads.

All these “engines” are also available in the version of eTSI “mild” hybrids with 48-volt system includes starter-generator with a belt drive and a compact lithium-ion battery. The system is able to help the gasoline motor in the first seconds of acceleration, and run it in the framework of the start-stop system, but to go just for the electricity it does not allow. Essentially, the mild hybrid is more focused on improving the environmental sustainability of the model and improve its efficiency. All eTSI are paired only with a signature “robot” DSG.

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For the eighth generation Golf offers two plug-in-hybrid Plug-In Hybrid with a gasoline turbocharger 1.4 TSI, which is paired with electric motor powered by the traction battery capacity of 13 kWh. Basic Golf eHybrid is in the Arsenal of 204 horsepower, and a version of the Golf GTE peak power up to 245 HP. A year later, the marketers promise to provide a “charged” Golf GTI extreme 300-horsepower Golf R.

In addition to the petrol units, the new Golf is equipped with two time-tested turbo diesel volume of 2.0 liters, depending on the degree of force issuing on-mountain 115 and 150 “horses”.

Sale new eighth-generation VW Golf will start in Europe in December.

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