Ophthalmologist called best products to maintain perspective


Doctors told about the products the use of which will help to preserve vision. Ophthalmologist Elena Grishina noted that this is especially necessary for those who spends a lot of time for gadgets or suffering from common stress.

Офтальмолог назвала лучшие продукты для сохранения зрения

It is important that the diet present foods that contain omega-3 including fatty fish and vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits. Affect vision can Smoking, lack of physical activity and poor diet. Negative effect smart phones and computers that threaten the development of dry eye syndrome and myopia. Helps reduce the risks of distraction from the screen for 5-10 minutes after each hour of work, but it is also important to choose the right glasses if they are used.

Recommended to be screened regularly by an ophthalmologist. This is especially true for people over the age of 40 years, they should visit the doctor once a year, because with age increases the risk of cataracts and other vision problems.

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